Are you watching Yoo Jae Suk? MSG Wannabe MOM, comeback February 11th

Are you watching Yoo Jae Suk
[Photo] Courtesy of MOM

OSEN’s Park So-young reported that a new song for MSG Wannabe MOM (hereinafter referred to as MOM) has finally been released.

MOM, which will consist of 4 singers comprising of Parc Jae Jung, Byeollu Ji, Wonstein, Kang Chang Mo, released a new song titled ‘I Confess Now’ through various online music sites on the 11th at 6 PM KST.

‘I Confess Now’ is a retro style song. Park Jae-jung’s authentic vocals and Wonstein’s rapping mix with KCM’s smooth voice and retro melody. Make this song come out to listen to. and give a feeling of freshness

In addition, the music video produced will be a story of love and generosity in many forms with four buses as the protagonist There will be a story showing photos of the marriage of the parents. And there was a congratulatory hug for my lover who passed the university entrance exam. Including the story of a daughter who struggled Until being able to pass the exam and work as a police officer

MOM wants to bring everyone back memories. and stories that happened in the year 2000 with music Want to pass on a warm message through the song “”I Confess Now”” to all loved ones.