History of NINE.i


3 members of NINE.i will be joining Boys Planet (2023), which will feature Jang Ji Ho, Seo Won, and Winnie. Winnie, the only Thai boy from NINE.i, will also participate in this competition.

Boys Planet is a reality competition program where male artists train to debut a new boy group project.
On November 28, 2022, Mnet officially announced that Boys Planet will premiere in February 2023 with 98 participants from around the world. The first teaser will be revealed at the 2022 MAMA Awards.
On December 29, 2022, the program introduced all the contestants into two groups, K-Group (Korea) and G-Group (Global), and the theme song video for “Here I Am.”
Five contestants withdrew from the pre-race program: Jo Eun Woo, Tao Yuan, Yeom Tae Gyun, Jung Hwan Rok and Jang Min Seo.
Center for the theme song “Here I Am”, K-Group is Sung Han Bin and G-Group is Zhang Hao.
The top 9 scorers will debut in a new boy group.

For young Winnie, whose real name is Patiphong Kasemsan or Winnie, was born on November 18, 1998, another Thai child. Who decides to compete in the BOYS PLANET survival program, a very talented Thai guy who is good at rapping and singing as well. He is a member of the Korean boy group NINE.i under FirstOne Entertainment. who just debuted at the beginning of 2022, he reached the dream of debuting as an artist in March 2022 under the name of NINE.i along with 9 other Korean members by him is regarded as the only Thai young man in the band However, when the survival competition happened So he is interested and ready to show off his rapping potential composing their own songs to be seen more widely He therefore chose to participate actively in the BOYS PLANET program, with two other members of the band joining the competition as well.