NAAKYEUM’s latest song is the song “Glass Ceiling”


NAAKYEUM’s latest song is the song “Glass Ceiling” which is featured in the series “Queenmaker”, currently ranked in the Top 10 on Netflix.

“Glass Ceiling” represents a barrier that is transparent and invisible. It symbolizes the obstacles and discrimination that hold back women’s progress. NAAKYEUM’s powerful vocals make “Glass Ceiling” a perfect fit for Queenmaker, making it overall even more interesting and appealing. It also sends a strong message for positive energy for females.

Queenmaker is the story of two women who strive to fight against political influence, power struggles, and manipulation. Due to their different backgrounds and circumstances, it seems almost impossible for them to work together. However, they share a common goal and join forces, leaving all the bad feelings behind. They aim to create a new world based on justice and truth.