Noh Hong-cheol, Joo Woo-jae, Joo Hyun-young, and Kim Tae-ho PD’s new work ‘Global Fire’ appeared as MCs

Noh Hong-cheol, Joo Woo-jae, Joo Hyun-young, and Kim Tae-ho PD's new work 'Global Fire' appeared as MCs

(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Yoon Hyo-jeong = Noh Hong-cheol, Joo Woo-jae and Joo Hyun-young join ‘Global Fire’.

On the 16th, ENA’s new entertainment program ‘Continent Shift at Once – Earth Magic Bull World Travel’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Earth Magic Bull World Travel’) Noh Hong-cheol, Joo Woo-jae, and Joo Hyun-young joined the three travel creators Panibottle, Kwak Tube, and Wonji’s ‘NO Exploration’ NO RESERVATION’ announced that it will be transformed into a guide to guide random travel.

‘Global Bull World Tour’ is a burumabul game designed by three travel creators, Pani Bottle, KWAKTUBE, and Wonji (Wonji’s Day), together with PD Taeho Kim, for a space trip. It is an entertainment program that goes on a world tour.

The three travel creators decide their travel destination only with the number of dice they throw themselves, and go on a random world tour that goes around the earth 5 times in total. In addition, as Noh Hong-cheol, Joo Woo-jae, and Joo Hyun-young will be in charge of the MCs of ‘Global Bull World Tour’, they will guide Panni Bottle, Kwak Tube, and Wonji’s random trip to provide laughter and fun.

Noh Hong-cheol is a representative professional traveler in the entertainment industry who has experience of traveling to every corner of the world, such as running a travel package tour in the past. He plans to play an active role as a guide leader to guide the viewers of ‘Global Bull World Tour’ with his unique, unpredictable remarks and his own travel know-how accumulated over a long period of time. As they recently participated in travel content with Panni Bottle and Kwak Tube, it is expected to unravel the various behind-the-scenes stories of the two travel creators.

Joo Woo-jae, a popular entertainer who showed off his multi-talented all-round character in various entertainment shows, maximizes the fun of random world tours by fully operating his overpowering sense of entertainment and wit as well as his handsome visuals in ‘Global Bull World Travel’. Here, he is ready to transform into a guide that captivates viewers by making use of the experience he has accumulated through various travel entertainment programs such as ‘Swinging the Application’ and ‘Tearing a Manga’.

Joo Hyun-young’s joining also draws attention.
Joo Hyun-young, who has emerged as a hot icon of the MZ generation, receiving attention from viewers as the main character of the ‘SNL Korea’ series and the role of ‘Weird Lawyer Woo Young-woo’ Won Won, challenges MC for the first time with ‘Global Bull World Tour’. ‘Sprout Guide’ Joo Hyun-young raises expectations by saying that he will show a unique sense that Noh Hong-cheol and Joo Woo-jae will admire.

The first destination of the ‘Global Bull World Tour’ will be released on the 23rd on TEO’s official YouTube channel.