ONEUS Hosts a Magical K-Pop Music Night at Coca-Cola Music Hall

Last night, hundreds of fans gathered at the Coca-Cola Music Hall to be part of an amazing evening with Korean band ONEUS TO MOON (fan’s official name). Members included Seoho, Leedo. , Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion on the night of the concert, the Puerto Rican fandom went to cheer by waving “lightsticks” throughout the concert. to support and encourage the band ONEUS

ONEUS debuted in January 2019 with “Valkyrie” and broke into the K-Pop industry market with a song that contained content. Followed by “No Diggity,” “A Song Written Easily,” and “TO BE OR NOT TO BE.” The band has had a number of stops performing throughout the Americas and Asia, but 2023 will mark their first world tour under the title “REACH FOR US.” The hour is divided into four acts, featuring grand stage decorations, extravagance, lighting, and costume changes to suit the complex choreography and music.

Ong 1, the concert started in the evening. It opens with a mysterious red moon movie set, which is the logo of the band, after which the whole band lies on the ground with the message shown. “He approached me and I shook his hand. Then the darkness disappeared forever and the light of light illuminated the world ”and the whole band appeared on stage dressed in black tones. along with hits such as “Bring It On”, “COME BACK HOME” and “BLACK MIRROR”.

The second act on stage will feature an interlude with a cute video by TO MOON ONEUS, and add to the atmosphere with songs like “STUPID LOVE”, “Skydivin’” and a cover of “Pink Venom”, one of the group’s hit songs. Girl group BLACKPINK and throughout the performance, ONEUS performed strong dance moves designed to perform on songs such as Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack,” Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone,” Kenny Loggins’ “I Ain’t Worried.” OneRepublic and OTHERWISE’s “Soldiers” concluded Act 2. ONEUS sang TO MOON with “Red Thread,” “Youth,” and “Incomplete,” with the concert hall lit up white with a flickering “lightstick.” follow the melody

Act 3 The boys came up with their latest award-winning song, “Same Scent,” which the fans sang along with them. that they are very proud of the warm welcome received and are extremely grateful. In return for the fans who accept and welcome them as well. They showed the symbols of the groups “LUNA” and “Lit” which is Korean culture.

Act 4 In the last performance, ONEUS changed the costume. and appeared on stage in more casual clothes – hoodies and jeans – to sing “Life is Beautiful” and walk around the stage to greet fans while making heart-shaped hands on stage. Each person said Thank you Puerto Ricans and look forward to coming back to perform here again.

ONEUS’ performances will not be confined to the K-Pop scene in Korea. Instead, they will travel to perform concerts around the world and spread K-Pop more well-known.