Purple Kiss, comeback today (15th)… Expansion of a talented girl group’s worldview of witches

Purple Kiss, comeback today (15th)... Expansion of a talented girl group's worldview of witches

The ‘witch worldview’ of the group PURPLE KISS will be expanded today (the 15th).

Purple Kiss (Na Go-eun, Doshi, Ire, Yuki, Chaein, Suan) will release their 5th mini-album ‘Cabin Fever’ through various music sites at 6 pm on the same day.

The album’s name, ‘Cabin Fever’, paraphrased, means ‘sore’, and contains a message to find freedom together with those who live a life controlled by an unexpected pandemic situation.

The title song ‘Sweet Juice’ is a groovy yet dreamy track with a pluck sound. The lyrics tell the story of finding freedom by dancing as we are, you and I, escaping from the bondage that has been confined for a long time. Yuki and Na Go-eun participated in writing the lyrics.

In the music video, Purple Kiss’ expanded ‘witch worldview’ can be confirmed. Purple Kiss, a witch who has been hiding from people, opens the mansion they live in as a hotel, but soon after a mysterious female guest appears, strange phenomena appear in the hotel. The story of the ‘Perky Witches’ who are trapped in a hotel in search of freedom will be drawn like a thriller movie.

In addition to the title song, ‘Intro: Save Me’, a dreamy yet mournful expression of passionate emotions, ‘T4ke’, a self-composed song by member Chaein who will confidently move forward even in the seemingly endless darkness, Purple ‘Autopilot’, a song about Kiss’ unique loveliness and freewheelingness, ‘Agit’, a dance-pop genre with intense synth and groovy bass, in which Doshi and Na Go-eun participated in writing the lyrics, and a new song with you at a medium tempo. A total of six songs of various genres were included, including “So Far So Good,” which sweetly expresses curiosity and excitement about the beginning.

Purple Kiss is an RBW girl group that debuted in March 2021. They have not only excellent vocal and performance skills, but also directly participate in songwriting, composition, and choreography creation, leaving a mark as a talented girl group. In this album as well, the members show off their musical abilities by putting their names on the credits.