Singer Gain 2′ Kim So-yeon·Yoon Seong·Lee Joo-hyeok, ‘Today’s Our School’ sortie at Hanlim Arts High School

Singers Kim So-yeon, Yoon Seong, and Lee Joo-hyeok appeared on ‘Today at Our School’.

On the 19th, the new web entertainment ‘Today’s Our School (Oh Woo-Hak)’ was released through the official YouTube channel and SNS, ‘EP. ‘Singer Gain 2′ Kim So-yeon, Yunseong, and Lee Ju-hyuk at our school today? This combination is paradise’, he released a video titled.

Following the group TriB and rapper Kisum, the third runners of ‘Today’s Our School’, Kim So-yeon, Yunseong, and Lee Joo-hyeok, who were recognized for their musicality in the JTBC audition program ‘Singer Gain 2’ and reached the top 6, visited Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School.

On this day, Kim So-yeon presented her own song ‘Can we fly like a bird’, Lee Ju-hyeok with Ed Sheeran’s ‘thinking out loud’, and Yoon Seong-eun with her remake song ‘My Only You’, presenting luxury live performances of different genres. immediately caught the attention of

In addition to solo songs, the three presented an unforgettable experience with a special collaboration stage with practical music students. Kim So-yeon and 2nd year student Laura Kim sang Sondia’s ‘Adult’, Lee Joo-hyeok and 2nd year student Seo Hae-won sang ‘Singer Gain 2’ contest song ‘Sometimes’, Yun Seong 3rd year Lee Jae-hoon and ‘Immortal Masterpiece’ Kim Ki-tae. He sang passionately as a duet with ‘Cry Out for Me’, which was performed with. Even though it was the first collaboration, the fantastic synergy between the singer and the student shined, leading to deep lingering emotions and emotions at the scene.

After the stage, the students who formed a duet with the singers communicated more closely and shared a deep consensus, followed by a ‘Mat Talk’. As much as they dream of becoming singers, the students spent a meaningful time seeking honest advice and receiving encouragement and comfort from Kim So-yeon, Yun-seong, and Lee Ju-hyeok, who are growing as singers while achieving the same goal. The three of them conveyed their own stories and boasted a friendly and dependable senior beauty, completing a signature corner unique to ‘Oh Woo-Hak’.

Not only that, but in ‘Today’s Our School’, the overflowing talents and free-spirited mood of the students of Hanlim Art High School were fully revealed. Not only did they jump on stage without hesitation and arouse admiration with their high-quality K-pop performance, but they were also enough to make us look forward to a bright future with their unrivaled vibe and fresh, plump charm.

‘Today’s Our School’ is a web entertainment project in which artists of various genres, regardless of genre, make surprise visits to schools across the country and create a school they want to go to more and enjoy every day through special meetings with students. It is receiving high response with colorful stages, rich events, and sincere messages.

Meanwhile, ‘Today at Our School’ can be seen through the official YouTube channel and SNS.