STAYC, ‘Teddy Bear’ complete group photos released

STAYC officially debuted on November 12, 2020 with six members: Si Eun, Soo Min, Se Eun, Aisa, Yoon, and Jae. STAYC previously released photos of each member. with different personalities but can be combined and show the ability to sing and can dance perfectly as one which represents the bright power.

STAYC represents a bright powerhouse. and has a lovely charm like a doll Emphasize pink tone clothes. and bright makeup.

In this comeback, STAYC has increased the expectations of fans around the world with a more upgraded look. An official from the agency also said that “If coming back this time, StayC can impress music fans with a more unique style of the band. We will try to emphasize the beautiful image of the members more. In the case of member Jay Let’s try growing long hair for the first time after debut to make it look more mature.”

The song ‘Teddy Bear’ which is the same name as this album. It’s a pop-punk dance song that delivers a message of hope through its lyrics like a rugged teddy bear becoming a hero. Once again fascinated by lovely songs and performances, together with the colorful identity of ‘Teen Fresh’, the single ‘Teddy Bear’ will be released through online music sites before 6:00 PM on the 14th.