500 Global-backed South Korea-based Blockchain Artist-to-Fan Startup [stan] Launches Fully Integrated in-app NFT Marketplace and Announces Next Stage of Growth

Stan NFT fanwave with mobile screens

Seoul, South Korea, 15 August 2023 – South-Korean Artist-to-Fan social media platform [stan] announces its vision to create a cutting-edge platform that offers real Artist-to-Fan interaction powered by blockchain technology. The platform
was launched at the beginning of 2023, with the vision of revolutionizing artist-to-fan-engagement and redefining community interactions through a variety of in-app functions including exclusive artist content, live streaming, and a fully integrated NFT Marketplace. With its all-in-one service, the platform aims to serve as a seamless bridge between Web2 and Web3, providing an experience that is unlike any other existing artist-to-fan social platforms in the market.

The Seoul-based startup is backed by venture capital firm 500 Global, and was founded by Dr. Anthony Park and John H. Chi, both of whom are experts in the entertainment and tech scene with decades of experience. While artist NFTs are not new to the industry, with many celebrities, artists, and K-pop Idols having entered the NFT world and investing heavily in the metaverse and Web3 since 2021, the founders noticed that these content and collections were only accessible on NFT Marketplaces, which were completely foreign to the majority of the artists’ fan community and only catered to existing NFT users already familiar with NFT platforms.

Thus, having identified a gap in existing artist-to-fan offerings available in the market, the idea for [stan] was conceived, to create an all-in-one platform where users can connect, interact, and collect, trade, and bid for authentic and original
artist content. With [stan], the startup is dedicated to building an immersive digital experience that integrates social community, exclusive content, and the exciting world of NFTs, with a platform that is designed to be simple and easy to
use for all.

The first phase of the platform’s launch was focused on building an immersive and organic experience for its users, by providing an all-in-one service with artist and fan interactions at its core. [stan] prides itself on offering new and exclusive content from an all-rounded roster of over 50 artists, one that is unique to the platform and comprises diverse artists ranging from K-Pop idol groups and Korean actors, to performers, singers, and all types of creative artists from all over the world.

The platform boasts a multitude of value-added features, all of which allow artists to form authentic interactions and create real engagement with their fans, all on a single platform. In addition to key social networking features such as following and interacting with artists, content sharing, and in-app live streaming, the startup focused on creating a unique and engaging community ecosystem with its very own in-app currency and wallet, known as stan points. Users can collect and earn stan points via a variety of means including purchasing in-app, inviting new users, joining in-app giveaways, gifting and receiving from other users, and more. These points can be utilised to boost support for artists via paid likes, and to purchase exclusive in-app content from their favourite artists.

Integral to the platform’s development and one of its key differentiating features is its fully integrated NFT Marketplace, designed to make NFTs easily accessible to all, through its simple and easy to use interface and user experience. All artists are able to create and mint their own NFT collections with full transparent control over all of their content on the platform. Fans can gain unrestricted access to exclusive content and limited digital collectibles by their favourite artist, in a way that is seamless, convenient, and user-friendly, even for first-time users who are new to Web3 and NFTs. Users who own the NFTs can collect, store, trade, and re-sell them in the stan auction house to the rest of the community.

On [stan], NFTs and exclusive artist content can be acquired easily via several means, including cryptocurrency and they can even be purchased through stan points, with the platform’s unique and easy-to-use points-to-token technology.
To purchase any digital content, users simply have to connect their [stan] accounts to MetaMask, a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that is reliable and secure. Transactions made via cryptocurrency would be completed on Metamask, and all digital files are also secured on a blockchain, which ensures all transactions are secure, efficient, and seamless. With the seamless integration of all of these features, the platform aims to introduce fans and users from all over the world to Web3, boosting consumer adoption and ultimately bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 for all users in the global fan community. The first artist NFT Collection is slated to drop in September.

To date, [stan] has already hit thousands of downloads since its launch, and continues to welcome new users each day. South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam make up over 50% of users on the platform. With this traction gained locally in South Korea and regionally in Thailand and Vietnam, coupled with in-app upgrades, new features, and web3 integrations, the platform expects the number of users from the South-east Asia region to grow exponentially in the long

“Over the span of 8 months, our strategy has been centered around building the most user-friendly interface that merges all our unique functions such as stan points, our in-app currency, and most recently, our in-app NFT Marketplace, to give all users, artists and fans, a seamless, safe, and transparent experience that is fun, engaging, and
immersive at the same time.” says Dr. Park.

“In line with our business growth, we are now working on our next round of fundraising, to scale our business across South-east Asia by rapidly expanding our services, onboarding more artists from all over the world onto our platform, and to officially roll out exclusive NFT collections with our artists. We strive to continue to push the boundaries of artist and fan interactions, to provide the best possible experience to our users.”

More than just a social platform, [stan] is also dedicated to creating a positive social impact, in line with the true meaning of community. A portion of the proceeds from any in-app social interaction such as paid likes will be donated to
a charity of the artist’s choice – a meaningful touch for artists and their fans to come together to do good for society.

The platform plans to expand to Indonesia, Japan, and Philippines by Q1 of 2024.

[stan] is available for download on iOS and Android in over 90 countries. To find out more, please visit https://stan.win/

About [stan]

[stan] is a first-of-its-kind social network app that brings artists and fans together in one global community, with the vision to redefine fan-engagement and offer real fan interaction. A revolutionary web3 platform leveraging blockchain technology, [stan] is dedicated to building an immersive digital experience that integrates social community, exclusive content, and the exciting world of NFTs, where users can connect, interact, and collect, trade, and bid for authentic and original artist content.

More than just a social platform, [stan] is committed to creating a positive social impact, whereby a portion of the proceeds from in-app social interactions will be donated to a charity of the artist’s choice. Since its launch in 2023, the platform continues to welcome hundreds of new users each day. [stan] is available for download on iOS and Android in over 90 countries, and online at https://stan.win/. Show your love. Save the world!

For media enquiries, please contact: press@stan.win