JOHYUN (BERRY GOOD) from Korea’s sexy idol to the queen of horror movies, The Hypnosis.


After BERRY GOOD’s disbandment, JOHYUN has many works, whether it’s a cosmetic model for the brand Toxnfill Cosmetic and acting work. And recently, he has deposited his acting skills in the movie “”The Hypnosis””, the name in Thai language “”Sang Jit Terror”” is about A woman undergoing hypnosis therapy, but this treatment brings her an unexpected nightmare. That woman, played by JOHYUN, plays the role of Hyun Joong, a young idol who has always been bullied.

The beginning of the horror this time It takes place after Do-hyun (Lee David), a university student who lost his childhood memory. After an accident and Hyun Joong (Jo Hyun), a young idol who has always been bullied with something similar The two therefore invited each other to undergo hypnosis controlled by Professor Choi (Son Byung Ho) specializes in PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Instead something went wrong. When Do-hyon sees a mysterious hallucination. And it became the beginning of a bad story. He had to find out the truth of the hallucinations this time. Without him knowing that what he was facing was a story of death. And the memory he saw was actually whose memory it was!

The Hypnosis is also a gathering of top actors in the Korean industry, such as Lee David from Itaewon Class, Jo Hyun, a former member of Berry Good who asked to turn from an idol to a horror queen, along with Sonob. Yeon Ho from Royal Secret Agent and So Yi Sook from The World of The Married

When the mind is the medium that leads to hallucinations And the memories turn into nightmares Be careful that what the eye sees may not be a matter of the living person. The Hypnosis orders a terrifying mind on March 24th via True ID only.