Korean actor Jung Sang Hoon, he’s back with his latest work in the movie “Decibel”.

Jung Sang Hoon

Decibel blows up the city. It tells the story of a former Marine of the Korean Navy receiving a threatening phone call from a mysterious man claiming to have secretly planted bombs at various locations targeting innocent civilians. One of those places It is a sports field and a large water park. Terrorists claim to use sound bombs that can release more than 100 decibels of sound power than humans can handle until making an important person associated with the incident, such as the submarine commander, journalists and members of the Pentagon Security Command, gathered to try to find a way to stop the sabotage before it’s too late.

Jung Sang Hoon shows off his acting skills once again as a reporter who wants to find out. and help deter bombs There are scenes that need to show emotion and action.

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