NINEi debuts in Japan with the concert NINEi LIVE EVENT in JAPAN DREAMS COME TRUE 2023

NINEi, Japan solo concert in progress… Presenting ‘intense charm’

The group NINEi is heating up Japan.

According to the agency First One Entertainment, from the 3rd, NINEi has been holding the ‘2023 NINEi LIVE EVENT in JAPAN DREAMS COME TRUE’ at FCLIVE TOKYO located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

This Japanese performance is NINEi’s first overseas performance since their debut last year, and will be held once or twice a day from the opening on the 3rd until the 26th of next month.

From the debut album ‘NEW WORLD’ to the second mini-album ‘I (Part. 1)’, NINEi has created music that can feel the charm of the unrivaled ‘NINEi Pop’ genre, high-quality performance, and completeness. The archipelago is embroidered with a high stage composition.

In addition, they are showing off their unique charm with the cover stage of senior idols’ hit songs, where you can feel the beauty of K-pop. In addition, through various events and fan services, they communicate more closely with the local Ainin (the name of the Nine Eye fandom) and present unforgettable memories.

Through this concert in Japan, NINEi is expected to solidify their position as a ‘global hot rookie’ by promoting K-pop and building a wide overseas fandom while growing one step further.

NINEi officially debuted in March of last year with their first mini-album ‘NEW WORLD’ and focused domestic and international attention with a unique world view that combines the three areas of ‘humanities, idol, and IT’, picturesque multi-member performance, and irreplaceable energy. made it

Meanwhile, NINEi’s first performance in Japan, ‘2023 NINEi LIVE EVENT in JAPAN DREAMS COME TRUE’, can be booked through TIMA TICKET.”