STAYC, the evolution of teen fresh that brings vitality ‘Teddy Bear’

(STAYC, photo courtesy of Hi-Up Entertainment)

(STAYC, photo courtesy of Hi-Up Entertainment)

The group STAYC takes a powerful leap forward wearing a thicker identity. I came back as a ‘teddy bear’ that I want to hug tightly with six spoons of loveliness. The lovely energy that radiates from the stage makes people smile.

StayC will release the 4th single album ‘Teddy Bear’ at 6 pm on the 14th. This is their comeback after about 8 months since “WE NEED LOVE” released in July of last year. STAYC, who showed a bit of a sentimental tone through the previous song ‘BEAUTIFUL MONSTER’, has rekindled the youthful energy of ‘ASAP’ and ‘RUN2U’ with a new album more passionately. It contains the extreme teen fresh charm and spreads out positive energy.


StayC, who held a showcase in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul ahead of the album’s release, said, “I wanted to deliver bright and positive energy through this album. That’s why the music video for the title song of the new album also has a story unlike previous works”. Hero StayC said it contains the development of hero StayC who appears and supports people who are tired or in trouble in their daily lives.

The title song ‘Teddy Bear’ with the same name as the album is a pop punk genre song armed with refreshing energy. Like a strong teddy bear that became my own hero, it contains a positive message that gives hope and comfort. Aisa said, “If I showed a faint, daunting and mature feeling in my previous work, this time I fully contained the identity of StayC. It is a hopeful song full of kitsch and positivity. I hope it will be a stepping stone to run vigorously in the new year.”

STAYC has repeatedly emphasized ‘teen fresh’, which has been the team’s identity since their debut. It is not just a lively energy of a dimension, but a positive influence that energy extends to the listeners. Yoon said, “As various groups debuted and made comebacks, songs of various genres came out, but we plan to continue our activities with a teen-fresh feeling in our own way.” I hope that many people will be able to cheer up because of us. I hope that we can become a byword for comfort and hope.”

The six members show energetic musical growth by coloring tracks composed of STAYC’s own musical genre with bright, kitschy teen fresh colors. Based on a lively identity, it welcomes listeners’ ears with more advanced vocals and stronger lively energy. Sieun said, “I hope the goal of this activity will be an opportunity to clearly show what teen fresh is.

Early spring, radiating bright warmth, has come to our side with StayC, who has a lively energy.