Chungha donates 20 million won to help the victims of the Turkiye disaster with ‘Byeolharang’ fans


Chungha donated 20 million won to support relief efforts for victims of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

On the 10th, the Korean Red Cross announced that singer Chungha donated 20 million won under the name of her official fan club to help victims of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.
Chungha was saddened by the news of the victims who are having a hard time due to the earthquake damage in Turkey and Syria. He said that he decided to donate to be of some help. In particular, on his 28th birthday, he expressed his heart to repay fans’ love in this donation. The donation was made under the name of the fan club ‘Byeolharang’.

In addition to this donation, Chungha has continued various sharing activities for children from vulnerable groups, such as supporting medical expenses for sick children, supporting children from low-income families who have difficulty making a living due to Corona 19, and donating voice talent.

The donations delivered to the Korean Red Cross will be used for emergency relief activities through local organizations. Through donations, winter tents and emergency relief kits are supported.