Girl group Purple Kiss to release fifth EP ‘Cabin Fever’ on Feb. 15

Girl group Purple Kiss will release its fifth EP “Cabin Fever” on Feb. 15, said the band’s agency RBW on Wednesday. Since the group is known for its unique album concepts, fans are anticipating what its newest EP will be like.

The band’s previous EP “Geekyland,” released in July last year, was themed around “geek and nerd,” its third EP “memeM” (2022) talked about cultural memes and for its second EP “Hide & Seek,” the group mixed horror themes with high-teen concepts. It is expected that the band will expand its “Purple Kiss Witch” storyline with the upcoming EP, said the agency.

Purple Kiss debuted in 2021 with seven members: Park Ji-eun, Na Go-eun, Dosie, Ireh, Yuki, Chaein and Swan with the EP “Into Violet.” In Nov. 2022, Park Ji-eun left the group after struggling with health and anxiety issues. Purple Kiss members are known to take an active role in songwriting. For example, RBW revealed that Chaein took part in writing and composing “Oh My Gosh” and “Joah,” and Na and Yuki wrote “Pretty Psycho.” “Nerdy,” the title track for the band’s fourth EP “Geekyland” (2022), was ranked 39th on “The best K-pop tracks of 2022” by the British style magazine Dazed.