P1Harmony, comeback with 6th mini album today “The title song ‘JUMP’ is straightforward”

P1 Harmony (symbol: Teo Ji-woong Intak Soul Jong-seop) makes a comeback with their 6th mini-album today (8th), proving their ‘fourth generation global dark horse’.

P1Harmony will release the music video of the title song ‘JUMP’ and the sound source of all songs in the 6th mini album ‘HARMONY: ALL IN’ through various major music sites today (8th) at 6pm.

From the ‘DISHARMONY’ trilogy series to the ‘HARMONY’ series, P1Harmony has been running tirelessly to create a better world, facing the frame and absurdity that defines us. The 6th mini-album ‘HARMONY: ALL IN’ is the final journey of the ‘HARMONY’ series, depicting the completion of a harmonious world.

The intuitive and easy-to-enjoy title track, ‘JUMP’, is an alternative pop genre dance song with a hip-hop base sound. Rather than worrying and hesitating, P1Harmony’s cry to enjoy this feeling and go up higher together with ‘JUMP’ was captured in a free and dynamic performance.

P1Harmony will unveil the stage of the title song ‘JUMP’ for the first time on a music show today on Mnet’s ‘M Countdown’, and will release a digital single and US album for ‘JUMP (ENG ver.)’ on June 9.