10th regular album’ Dynamic Duo, title song ’19’ (official)

Hip-hop duo Dynamic Duo opens the door to their 10th regular album with ’19’.

The dynamic duo (Gaeko, Choiza) posted the track list image of the first digital single ‘2 Kids On The Block – Part.1’ of their 10th regular album through Amoeba Culture’s official SNS on the afternoon of the 20th. has revealed

Through the track list, the name of the single’s title track, ’19’, was revealed for the first time. ‘2 Kids On The Block – Part.1’ includes ‘Intro’ followed by ’19’, ‘All Day’, ‘Pied Piper (Feat. dj friz)’ and ‘Stop Time (Feat. Leellamarz)’ will be included in total.

For this single, Gaeko and Choiza led the way from planning to production, and producers GRAY, SOMDEF, and Youth Hostel’s Ikbbo participated in each track to add perfection to each song.

‘2 Kids On The Block – Part.1’ is a single corresponding to Part.1 of the 10th regular album released by Dynamic Duo after 4 years. Immediately after the news of the release was announced, colleagues in the music industry such as Psy, Hangzoo, Nucksal, BewhY, Penomeco, Code Kunst, Slom, pH-1, Tama, and Gao Gai drew attention by posting comments on Gaeko and Choiza’s social media.

Expectations for this album are rising because it is a dynamic duo who has been steadily and faithfully performing music activities until reaching another record of their 10th album. Starting with the 4 songs included in Part.1, hip-hop fans are paying attention to the message and story that Dynamic Duo’s 10th regular album will be filled with.

‘2 Kids On The Block – Part.1’, which will signal the dynamic duo’s 10th regular album, will be released on various online music sites on the 23rd at 6pm.