Rising trend of growing popularity of Korean artists or K-POP in Thailand

Currently, it is clear that K-Pop and Korean artists are experiencing a period of popularity among Thai teenagers. The influence of Korean stars and artists on various aspects of pop culture, such as music, television series, movies, and fashion, has contributed to the continuous growth of this trend. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as the “Hallyu Wave” or “Korea Wave,” which refers to the rapid spread of K-Pop culture. This trend began in Thailand and has since spread globally, making K-Pop and Korean entertainment a symbol of the country.

Behind the success of Kpop

The success of Kpop culture can be attributed to the support provided by the South Korean government, which has invested in the entertainment industry and generated significant income. The government supports the music industry by providing funding to record labels to develop artists and establish a cultural fund called the Korea Venture Investment Corporation, in which 20% of the money is invested by the government and the remaining 80% is invested by private entities. This demonstrates the government’s significant emphasis on the cultural industry, with the goal of promoting Korean culture globally through various strategies, such as exporting cultural products and stimulating consumption through the Hallyu wave.

It has taken South Korea time to establish a strong demand for cultural goods within the country, which eventually led to the global popularity of Korean culture. This is a reflection of the country’s use of “soft power,” which utilizes creativity as a driving force for the economy and society. South Korea has a unique approach of “copy and develop,” in which they take inspiration from popular trends around the world and adapt them to create successful cultural products. This is evident in the emergence of unique Korean idol groups, who often begin by imitating the distinctive characteristics of popular artists, before honing their skills and developing their own unique style.

The important thing that makes Korean artists popular to people’s hearts.

Kpop idols are not only known for their attractive looks and clear identities, but also for their strong concepts and distinct personalities. They stand out by placing emphasis on connecting with fans, creating a unique image, and leaving a lasting impression. Unlike Western boy bands or girl groups, who often focus on their stage presence and song performances alone, Kpop idols put effort into their facial expressions and actively engage with fans and media.

Top 30 most popular Korean artists of 2022

The Korean Business Research Institute has released its ranking results. Popularity of Korean artists at the end of 2022. This ranking is based on an analysis of consumer behavior. Consumer engagement index, reports, media coverage, communications, mentions on social media sites to calculate total artist’s total brand, overall, collecting big data data from September-October 2022.

BTS took the #1 spot as the most popular Korean artist of 2022 with a popularity score of 10,087,199, a 36.23% increase from the previous year. Followed by BLACKPINK with a score of 9,612,031, previously ranked No. 1, after the release of a new single like pink venom with over 500 million views, causing the talk of the town trend.

Picture from instagram blackpinkofficial
Third place went to Lim Young Woong.

Check Popularity Ranking of Korean artists Top 30 here

  1. BTS
  3. Lim Young Woong
  4. IU
  5. IVE
  6. NewJeans
  7. Lee Chan Won
  8. Young Tak
  10. Kim Ho Joong
  11. EXO
  12. NCT
  13. (G)I-DLE
  14. Jeong Dong Won
  15. Kang Daniel
  16. Jannabi
  17. Block B’s Zico
  18. Lee Seung Gi
  19. Red Velvet’s Joy
  20. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon
  21. TWICE
  22. Jang Min Ho
  23. Girls’ Generation
  24. PSY
  25. Song Ga In
  27. Oh My Girl
  28. Jessi
  29. aespa
  30. Park Chang Geun

Reference from: https://english.sakshi.com