The Golden Age of Emerging Artists

The power doesn’t stop

The unstoppable trend of this era proves that it’s the golden age of new artists. This statement is not entirely untrue when you observe the trend of music that penetrates the ten-million-view mark in a very short period of time, such as the song “Ton Yang” by the band Paper Planes, which currently has more than 69 million views. They have become the beloved artists of teenagers who parade to see their mini concerts.

Image from MGR Online: Paper Planes’ high-energy performance, with a jumping stage and a powerful presence, brought the Safair World stage to life on National Children’s Day.

Another factor that contributes to the influence of Paper Planes is probably the artist herself, “Hai” Thanwa Ketesuwan (singer). She has a distinctive image with a punk rock style and unique tattoos that catch everyone’s attention. Moreover, Hai also has a good attitude and social responsibility. Specifically, due to the content of the song, which is not vulgar like other popular songs, it is not prohibited by parents, making it a song that can be enjoyed by people of all genders and ages together.

Emerging artists, such as Ek Charisa, is leading the pack as the most influential trendsetter in 2023 with their hit song “Leuk Kruop Bo”.

Next year, everyone will likely know about the hottest rising star of 2023, Ek Charisa, the artist behind the hit song “Lueat Kru B.” The song quickly rose to the top of the charts, including reaching the number one spot on Spotify Top 50 and Apple Music within a month of its release on January 1st. The music video on YouTube has already surpassed 22 million views. This new era artist, also known as “YouTube Berserker,” brings a unique and unconventional style to his music and lyrics, which include various reasons why he’s still single and whether it’s because of his B blood type. This sentence alone has left listeners captivated by his creativity, making the song a hot topic of conversation and a must-listen for many.

“Milli”, the new generation Thai artist who has a global influence.

If we talk about the consistently influential and popular Thai artists in the new era of music, we cannot deny that it is “Milli”, the Thai female rapper who has become a global icon. She was praised by the BBC of England as one of the most influential women, inspiring the world with her new generation audacity and self-expression. She has appeared on the world stage with countless viewers, in addition to her unique and unexpected performances, such as eating sticky mango rice on stage during a concert, which has become a soft power in promoting the most popular dessert to be sold in Thai restaurants in the United States, like Tom Yum Kung and Pad Thai. This has aroused the interest of foreigners who do not know about this type of dessert to come and try it, just like Thai people both in and out of the country, resulting in the sale of mango sticky rice being almost impossible to keep in stock.

Why do new generation artists become popular so quickly?
The digital age has destroyed cultural boundaries and information walls, and coupled with the creative thinking of new artists who break all music norms, it creates a new and unique atmosphere in the music industry, leading to new music genres that excite the listeners with something different. Moreover, social media channels, particularly TikTok, play a vital role in promoting music by allowing artists to create covers or short music videos to make their songs go viral, making it easier for the music to reach the audience quickly and spread like wildfire.