Shin Youme, the trainer for PRODUCE X 101, possesses skills beyond just teaching singing

Shin Youme

Today, we will reflect on the music industry journey of the talented singer Shin Youme, prior to becoming a trainer on PRODUCE X 101. Shin Yu Mi holds a degree in applied music from Dongdok Women’s University. Few are aware that she began pursuing her dream of becoming an artist in a small indie band called Riddim, which was active in Hongdae a decade ago and released a mini-album titled “Lbumma” before deciding to compete in The Voice Korea Season 2 in 2013. During the blind audition round, all four coaches recruited her, and she chose to stay with the coaching team led by Kang Ta, making it to the live broadcast round, which is the third round of that season.

After gaining recognition from her participation in The Voice, her journey as a vocal trainer began with opportunities at major record labels such as YG and JYP, where she was given the role of trainer for children’s training. In 2017, she served as a vocal trainer on PRODUCE 101 Season 2 alongside vocal trainer Lee Seok Hoon.

In addition to being an exceptional vocal trainer, she is also proficient in composing and arranging songs. She has worked with top producers in the KPOP industry, such as Yoon Sang, on the FEVER MUSIC 2017 project, which features a range of artists, including idol groups like Lovelyz and Red Velvet’s Seulgi, rappers The Quiett, Dok 2, and Nucksal, as well as indie artists such as Seenroot and Pluto.

Apart from collaborating with other artists, she released a solo single she wrote and performed herself in 2017 as a project at Digitalian Studio.

If you wish to hear Teacher Shin Youme’s commanding voice further, you may choose to keep track of her on YouTube under the username 신유미 or follow this provided link: