STAYC records 180,000 copies sold on the first day of ‘Teddy Bear’ → MV surpasses 10 million views

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Girl group STAYC is continuing its global rise.

On the 14th, STAYC released the 4th single ‘Teddy Bear’ through various online music sites.

On the 15th, according to Hanteo Chart, the largest album sales statistics site in Korea, StayC’s album sold more than 186,000 copies on the first day alone. From the first day, STAYC signaled a successful comeback by recording sales similar to the Initial Chodong sales (201,072 copies) of the third single “WE NEED LOVE,” which was released in July of last year and recorded a career high.

In particular, the title song ‘Teddy Bear’ entered the Melon Top 100 immediately after its release, and as of the morning of the 15th, it ranked first on the latest Melon chart (within one week). Not only that, but they also ranked at the top of the Bugs real-time chart, proving the public’s unwavering interest in StayC.

Also, the ‘Teddy Bear’ music video, which contains the energy of positivity and hope based on StayC’s unique team color called Teen Fresh, is also a hot topic. The music video surpassed 10 million views in one day of release and is receiving enthusiastic responses from global K-pop fans.

‘Teddy Bear’ is a pop punk genre song armed with STAYC’s unique fresh energy, and delivers a positive message that gives hope and comfort, just like the reliable teddy bear that became my own hero. The point choreography reminiscent of a bear is causing strong addiction.
With a comeback, STAYC, who is properly publicizing his musical growth by foretelling a career high, will start full-fledged activities by presenting various music broadcasts and various contents.

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