Who is Vroccoli?


Many people are already familiar with the incredibly nutritious vegetable broccoli. However, here’s a fun fact: the K-pop group Vromance has a fangroup name inspired by broccoli, and it’s called Vroccoli.

You might be wondering how broccoli and Vroccoli are related. Well, the fandom name for VROMANCE comes from the fact that broccoli has five beneficial qualities, one of which is providing energy. VROMANCE can provide energy to VROCCOLI through singing, and VROCCOLI can provide energy to VROMANCE through cheering. This aligns with the fans’ desire for Vromance to be in good health and perform efficiently.

Since “V” and “B” sound the same in Korean, the fandom name is a play on the word “Broccoli”. In the beginning, some people found the name ambiguous and peculiar, being named like a vegetable. However, over time, the name has become more familiar and well-liked.

VROCOLLI has gained popularity in the Korean music industry due to the love that the fans have for Vromance. You can clearly see from their participation in concerts that their tickets always sell out very quickly, and they also send gifts to support and engage in every activity.

Vromance fans also organize various activities to connect with fans worldwide, such as sharing emotions, and Vromance information, including health-related information, and supporting environmental-related events. These efforts aim to create opportunities for fans to participate in Vromance’s activities.