Deep 3 Days signed a contract with Joo Hyun-young as an exclusive model

Deep 3 Days announced that it had signed an exclusive model contract with actress Joo Hyun-young.

Deep 3 Days selected Joo Hyun-young, who is loved by everyone from the MZ generation to the older generation, as a model to strengthen the brand competitiveness and give customers a sense of intimacy.

Meanwhile, Deep 3 Day’s Peach Flavor Bun, first launched by Olive Young, has a unique pink package design reminiscent of a peach, and ranked first in Olive Young’s overall sales rankings within two days of its launch. In some stores, consumers are asking for inquiries due to online and offline purchases. .

An official from Deep 3 Days said, “Deep 3 Days selected Joo Hyun-young, who is loved by all generations, as the model to approach customers more closely.” Please look forward to it,” he said.